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2017-03-15 11:34 am


I am once again joining Bill Cagley for the Roots Showcase at the Underground Music Cafe tomorrow night. Here is his post:

Thursday the 16th of March 7:00 - 9:00

At The Underground Music Cafe (formerly The Coffee Grounds)
Underground Music Cafe - located on Hamline at Hoyt which is just north of Lake Como

Chas Somdahl - guitar and vocals (one of my favorites)

with an opening set by

Bill Cagley - guitar and vocals

Folk Music ago-go

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2017-01-18 12:37 pm

I will be out performing tomorrow night.

Thursday the 19th of January 7:00 - 9:00

At The Underground Music Cafe (formerly The Coffee Grounds)
Underground Music Cafe - located on Hamline at Hoyt which is just north of Lake Como.

Chas Somdahl - guitar and vocals
with an opening set by

Bill Cagley - guitar and vocals

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2016-10-28 07:15 pm

Tim Olson

My friend Tim Olson died yesterday. I've thought about what to say about it and one word seems to sum it up. Sadness. His life really ended the day before when he fell from a ladder and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He never regained consciousness.

I met Tim years ago at a jam in NE Minneapolis. He inivited me to a "plugged-in" jam he was hosting later that day. It was great. Over the years whenever he would ask me to one of his jams I would haul myself out to Hugo and join the six or so other musicians he had invited. A different kind of jam than most I attend. Always worth the trip.

Tim taught me a lesson in friendship he never knew. It was a lesson visited on me before, but renewed by him. I knew there were things away from the music about which Tim and I had polar opposite views. Some of them troubled me. But they never came up or got in the way of the music or our friendship.

Be it guitar, mandolin, or harmonica, Tim could be counted on to add something worthwhile to the musical conversation that is a jam. He was one of my favorite people to play with. I will miss him greatly.

Be careful out there.
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2016-10-19 09:48 am

A performance

Thursday the 20th of October 7:00 - 9:00

At The Underground Music Cafe (formerly The Coffee Grounds)

Underground Music Cafe - located on Hamline at Hoyt which is just north of Lake Como.

Chas Somdahl - guitar and vocals

with an opening set by

Bill Cagley - guitar and vocals

Folk Music ago-go
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2016-02-02 04:52 pm


My father was born 117 years ago today.

For a number of reasons I have been in a reflective mood lately. Not long ago a friend posted a bit about mortality. How we can only really know our own time. Our own life. There are historical figures and accounts of life in other times, but they often leave me wondering what day to day life was like. I don't think I can ever fathom the world that my father was born into. I can know facts about it, but I don't think I can ever wear the reality of it.

I'm in danger of get side tracked here. I can, want to, and maybe will say a lot more about this. But this post is to celebrate my father. The point being that the way we live on is in the memory of others. He died when I was 18. Not a lot of years to remember. I do remember his laughter. I remember his anger. I remember his love of cats. His walk.

Mostly I remember his music. Some of it lives in me. Today I tuned up Papa's fiddle and played Nikolina for a while. It made me smile.
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2012-02-03 11:32 am


Short term.

The first part of the week was spent recovering from Conflikt and our trip to Seattle. (Hope to yet do a con report.) Had a fabulous time at the con and exploring Seattle. I think what was most wearing, was the red-eye flight back overnight Sun-Mon. Tired as we were, we could not sleep on the flight. I kept up with my cardio workouts at the hotel and that felt good. But there were some troubling moments where my heartbeat was doing some weird things. I was warned that this might occur sometimes, but had felt nothing like it until this past weekend. I was cleared by my doctors to make this trip, but I fear I may have overdone a bit.

Long term.

I am often asked how I am doing. It is a complicated question. The easy answer is that I am doing well. Overall this is true. I am still well ahead of the curve in recovery goals. I feel and want and expect to be farther along. This is frustrating. The truth is I am still in some amount of pain most of the time. I tire easily and still get winded some while singing. Then there was the weird heartbeat spells while I was in Seattle this weekend.

So I am recovering well, but am impatient. I have to learn to take the time for it. I have no other choice.
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2012-01-24 09:50 am

An apology

I have avoided answering most everyone since my heart surgery. Bonnie said that is so unlike me and rude. I realized at the end of my cardiac rehab that this may be a manifestation of denial. Denial is something I denied experiencing post-op even though they say it is to be expected.

So I owe many of you an apology. I appreciate my friends and will do better by you all.
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2011-11-28 06:06 pm

Getting out and about

Went out a bit over the weekend. Saturday a little shopping. It wore me out.

Sunday Becca drove us to a movie. (The Help. It was very good) I thought if it went well, maybe we could go out and catch some of the plugged-in jam. We did and I wound up siting in a little and leading three songs. Felt good, but I was a bit woozy afterwards.
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2011-11-26 09:07 am

In other news.

Bonnie is back on her feet. The 8 week x-ray shows lots of healing. Not done yet, but she can put weight on the broken foot and walk around in supportive shoes. There is an admonition to not over do it. We shall see.
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2011-11-24 04:40 pm


Two weeks ago at this time, I was in cardiac ICU recovering from emergency heart surgery preformed the night before.

Today I am thankful to be home. Thankful for friends and family. I am also very thankful for science. Science has given me a career and a way to deal with the burning curiosity with which I face the world. Science has also yielded the technology and surgical technique, not existing at the time of my birth, that allows me now to be enjoying this day.
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2011-11-21 11:06 am

How am I doing?

I’ve been home a week now. At the moment I am tired. Just walked around the block again. This time solo. It is icy, but I do just fine. I should do this a few times a day and then start adding distance. I was reluctant to do this on my own the first few times, but it has gone well. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I never thought walking around the block would give me bragging rights.

I’ve tried playing guitar a few times. At first this was very exhausting, but it is getting better. Still can’t play for long. Singing is another matter. My voice is still wrong. Sounds like the lower frequencies have been filtered out. I still have some of the hoarseness form the breathing tube. The main problem is wind. I’m just not pushing enough air. I can barely get through a song. This should get better.

There was a lot of violence done to my body as part of this surgery. I have numerous incisions from the many tubes and openings put into me. The most significant for recovery and pain is where they split open my chest. The ribcage facilitates breathing and protects the contents of the chest. This surgery has weakened this and made it quite vulnerable. I can’t drive because of the remote possibility that an air bag could be triggered. That could be a fatal blow to me right now. I can’t lift more than ten pounds. Not because of the strain on my heart, but because of the strain across the healing sternum. Which, until it grows back together, is just wired closed.

My heart itself is strong and in good shape. It was the coronary arteries that were not. This has been fixed.

Wanted to post something about how I am doing. I will follow up with one on what happened. But not just now. I’m kind of tired and concentration is an issue. I think this is rambling enough. Good moments, bad moments, but overall I’m getting better and stronger day by day. Thanks for all of the well wishes, visits and help. Becca and Guin in particular have gone above and beyond. Graham and my sons, Jason and Daniel have pitched in to put my mind at rest regarding many of household tasks I just couldn’t get done right now when they need to be done. And of course Bonnie. Where would I be with out my Honey. It has been comforting and heartwarming to have so many friends rally around me. Thank you all.
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2011-11-13 11:00 am

Homeward Bound

I'm going home a soon as we figure out the logistics. We've turned that over to Guin and Becca.
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2011-11-12 08:42 am

Heart surgery

Feeling better all the time. Had a nice flow of visitors yesterday. Probably here for another day. Thank you all for the well wishes. I'll have more to say in the coming days.
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2011-10-07 09:33 am


Cecilia is having another birthday today!

I think that says it all.
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2010-05-31 06:05 pm

Done with dialysis---Maybe!

Cecilia went in for dialysis today. After the preliminary lab tests, they said "Let's just hold off on doing it anymore" and sent her home instead. Her kidneys are apparently doing the job. Two weeks of this and the port comes out.

At the rate she is going, it won't be long before she leaves the leg braces and walker behind as well.

Oh, and she passed her tests for school last week so she will start third grade with the rest of her class next Fall.

June 7 will mark a year since she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia.
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2010-05-22 07:52 am

Haven't updated about Cecilia recently.

The deep concern about her kidney function is easing. The transplant seems completely successful. The other day when I saw her, she really looked herself. Her hair has grown out enough that it looks like a style that might have been chosen. Instead of sitting huddled up protectively in her chair, she was sprawled across it with one leg draped over an arm. A much more natural pose for an 8 year old watching TV.

One of her Grandmas took over updating her CaringBridge page. She describes things quite well. Check it out.

Her Dad chose the picture.

I tried posting some of this on FB, but adds a link to the page and them seems to disappear when I actually post it.
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2010-03-29 08:49 am

Cecilia went home last night.

She is far from well, but this is a major threshold on the "better" scale. She will be in no danger of becoming a stranger at the hospital. She will be doing outpatient dialysis 3 or 4 times a week and a regular battery of tests. But at the end of the day she will be in her own bed in her own room, brothers and sister, Mom and Dad nearby. She will be home.
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2010-03-20 11:09 am

Rule of 90

I hit an odd threshold yesterday. Rule of 90. When years of service plus age equals 90, I can retire with my full retirement benefit. The reality is that I don't think I can take advantage of this for another year. But the empowerment to be able to say enough of this crap and walk away is......interesting. It would be financially difficult to do this, but we wouldn't starve.

Understand, I like my job (and the "crap" isn't a big or common part), but I'm about ready to be done with it.
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2010-03-18 03:14 pm

Cecilia update

Just posted most of this on FB, but this is not an entirely coincident population, so.....

Cecilia is still one very sick little girl. But there is every indication that the transplant took. She is still on dialysis, but for fewer hours and she got to skip one day. Pancreatic function is back to normal. Her lungs aren't completely clear yet. The cause of the fevers is still a mystery, but they are spiking through a lower range. She is up and using a walker a little each day now. She even got to visit home for a few hours yesterday. That visit showed her why she still has to be in the hospital.
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2010-02-23 01:31 pm


Cecilia has had a couple of rough days. She won't have experienced them much as she has been sedated through most of it. She was intubated to assist her breathing. Allowing her to get some rest from the work of breathing on her own with the lung infection. She was also put on dialysis because her kidneys shut down. During all of this she spiked a high fever again.

So today. She is still on dialysis but her kidneys are working some. They will be weaning her off of the breathing tube over the next few days. The report is that she is stable and getting better.