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I’ve been home a week now. At the moment I am tired. Just walked around the block again. This time solo. It is icy, but I do just fine. I should do this a few times a day and then start adding distance. I was reluctant to do this on my own the first few times, but it has gone well. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I never thought walking around the block would give me bragging rights.

I’ve tried playing guitar a few times. At first this was very exhausting, but it is getting better. Still can’t play for long. Singing is another matter. My voice is still wrong. Sounds like the lower frequencies have been filtered out. I still have some of the hoarseness form the breathing tube. The main problem is wind. I’m just not pushing enough air. I can barely get through a song. This should get better.

There was a lot of violence done to my body as part of this surgery. I have numerous incisions from the many tubes and openings put into me. The most significant for recovery and pain is where they split open my chest. The ribcage facilitates breathing and protects the contents of the chest. This surgery has weakened this and made it quite vulnerable. I can’t drive because of the remote possibility that an air bag could be triggered. That could be a fatal blow to me right now. I can’t lift more than ten pounds. Not because of the strain on my heart, but because of the strain across the healing sternum. Which, until it grows back together, is just wired closed.

My heart itself is strong and in good shape. It was the coronary arteries that were not. This has been fixed.

Wanted to post something about how I am doing. I will follow up with one on what happened. But not just now. I’m kind of tired and concentration is an issue. I think this is rambling enough. Good moments, bad moments, but overall I’m getting better and stronger day by day. Thanks for all of the well wishes, visits and help. Becca and Guin in particular have gone above and beyond. Graham and my sons, Jason and Daniel have pitched in to put my mind at rest regarding many of household tasks I just couldn’t get done right now when they need to be done. And of course Bonnie. Where would I be with out my Honey. It has been comforting and heartwarming to have so many friends rally around me. Thank you all.
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